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At Cubitt Town we aim to develop our pupil's writing skills in meaningful ways; we enable our pupils to have a voice which they can communicate successfully, a skill that is vital for all levels of schooling and the evolving demands of the modern world. Children receive five to six hours of dedicated literacy learning focused on writing, in addition to lessons that integrate writing across the wider curriculum, such as writing historical recounts to scientific reports.


Lesson objectives are taken from the National Curriculum where spelling, grammar, punctuation, handwriting and the composition of an array of written texts are our core focus.  Pupils follow a learning journey that revisits these skills across the year regularly to strengthen their knowledge and application of the written word.  Sequences of learning are designed to provide pupils with a rich diet of quality texts and stimulating experiences which demonstrate how writing can be used for thinking, communicating and as a means of expression. Experiences are not limited to books however, and pupils can further explore how meaning is conveyed through illustrations, photographs, advertisements, films and performances.  We also subscribe to the idea that 'good reading and writing floats on a sea of talk' and aim to provide pupils with opportunities to discuss, reflect, role-play and present their interpretations of texts to deepen their comprehension, recognising the purpose and audience.

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