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22nd Jan- How does your family eat their meal?

Discuss the ideas and questions raised with your adult at home.
Mums, Dads and Carers, please type up what your child says in an observation and upload it to Ey Log.

22nd Jan- What does the 'Colours of Friendship' mean?

21st Jan- Mr Potato & Mrs Carrot characters with Seema

What will you use and what will you name your inventions?
Can you come up with a story for your characters and write some of their speech down? Have fun!

21st Jan- Let's sing one potato, two potato with Anna!

21st Jan- Can you say Cecil is a caterpillar with Sharon?

Can you learn the poem?
We would to see short videos!

20th Jan- Let's learn about Sir Mo Farah with Anna...

Can you write down one fact about Sir Mo Farah after watching and talking to your adult about him?

19th Jan- Soifita with Rabia and Rabia

18th Jan - 'The Colours of Friendship' - Seema

18th Jan- Bucket time with Abi- Can you make a rainbow?

14th January - I love porridge! Nicki

Can read a recipe and learn how to make a healthy breakfast?

Bangladeshi Food with Mohammed - Sanasur - Also known as Bombay Mix!

One of Bangladesh's favourite snack!
Have you ever tried Sanasur?
Maybe you can have a go at making it and let us know what you thought...

13th Jan - make 'Fruit Crunchies' with Pauline

Can you make a healthy snack?

12th Jan - Phonics game with Paula & Roman

Play a phonic game with Paula and Roman. Can you find things in your house to match too?

12th Jan - Vietnamese Food with Anna

Anna tells you about the food she likes to eat...
Have you tried Vietnamese food before?

11th Jan - Indian Food

Seema shares some food she likes to make...

11th Jan - Bucket time with Abi

Abi has lots of fun things to show you...

8th Jan- Funny faces with Chris

What will you design with your fruit?
We would love to see...

7th Jan- Fruit salad with Rabia

6th January - Foods I dislike!

Today we are talking about food we don't like.
Can you tell your adult which foods they are and then draw them?

Reception - Day 1 - 5/1/2021 -Topic - My favourite food...

Seema is going to share her favourite food with you. What is your favourite food?
Can you draw pictures and label them?
Please upload your child's work on Ey Log at the end of the day.

Singing - Day 1- 5/1/2021 - Five Little Ducks...

Join in with Paula's lovely counting rhyme.

Topic - Day 5 - 11/12/20 - 'Festive fun with Sharon'

Lovely decorations made by Sharon!

Topic - Day 4 - 10/12/20 -'Let's decorate Christmas biscuits with Robyn!

Another baking treat with Robyn this time, we hope you enjoy it!

Topic - Day 3 - 09/12/20 -'Let's make playdough with Pauline!

Pauline shares her secret recipe on how to make fun and amazing playdough! Why not try this at home? We hope you enjoy it.

Topic - Day 1 - 07/12/20 - Get fit with Ayla and Paula!

We hope you enjoy this fun and active video!

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