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11th Feb- Look Up! Read by Nicki

10th Feb- Jasper's Beanstalk

9th Feb- Kitchen Disco read by Chris

8th Feb- Guess how much I love you by Sam McBratney

5th Feb Story - The Lion Inside read by Anna

David gets into trouble! Read by Mohammed

3rd Feb - 'The Cat Wants Custard' read by Anna

2nd Feb- Simon Sock by Paul Linnet and Sue Hendra.

1st Feb- Too Many Carrots read by Seema

29th Jan- Ice Cream Bear read by Seema

28th Jan- Balloon read by Mohammed


27th Jan- Kitchen Disco read by Anna

Ready Steady Mo!

We have been learning about Sir Mo Farah. Can you remember who he is and what he is really good at?
How many medals does he have?
Did you know this story is actually written by Sir Mo Farah! Enjoy.

26th Jan- Story time with Paula

25th Jan- Six Dinner Sid read by Seema

22nd Jan- Piranhas don't eat bananas! read by Seema

Can you find the words that rhyme?

21st Jan- Supertato read by Anna

One of our favourite stories!

20th January- Fabulous Pie read by Nicki

Cuddle up and enjoy a story!

19th Jan- Handa's Surprise read by Seema

What is Handa's surprise? Listen to the story to find out...

18th January - Whatever Next! - Mohammed

15th Jan - Story - 'We love you Hugless Douglas! ' Chris

Can Douglas get the perfect bear hug?

14th January - vegetable writing - Nicki

Can you write what Oliver eats each day of the week?

14th Jan - 'The hungry caterpillar' read by Rabia

Can you remember what caterpillars like to eat?

13th January - Story - 'Pass the Jam Jim!' - Nicki

A funny story with lots of rhyming words to spot!

12th January - 'None the Number' - Nicki

Is none a number? Find out by listening to this story with Nicki.

11th Jan - Story by Anna

Story - 'While We Can't Hug' a lovely story for lockdown read by Anna.
Can you post a picture for your friends?

8th Jan - Oliver's Fruit Salad, read by Nicki

Talk to your adult at home about:
What is your favourite part in the story?
What is your favourite fruit?
What happens at the end?

None The Number by Oliver Jeffers

None The Number, read by Mr Newton.

Reception - Day 2 - 6 /1 /2021- Story - 'Oliver's Vegetables' by Vivian French - Nicki

Oliver likes chips! But he soon learns to try lots of other delicious vegetables.Can you try a different one this week?

Story - Day 1 - 5/1/2021 - 'I Will Never Eat A Tomato'

Listen to a story with Seema...

Day 5 - 11/12/20 - 'Fast Fox Goes Crazy' - By Allan Ahlberg - Read by Mohammed

Still image for this video
Fast Fox in very naughty. He wants to eat all the chickens! Oh no! Who will come and save them?

Storytime - Day 4 - 10/12/20 - 'What feels best?' - by Chris

A lovely book by Anita Harper about a Kangaroo. We hope you enjoy listening.

Storytime - Day 3 - 09/12/20 - 'The Koala who could' - by Nicki

Another amazing story to listen to, we hope you enjoy it.

Storytime - Day 1 - 07/12/20 - 'My Mum is Fantastic' - by Seema

We hope you like the story!

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