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The Government funds Universal Infant Free School Meals for all Key Stage 1 pupils (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) who were not otherwise entitled to a statutory free school meal. In addition to the Government’s infant free school meals the Mayor’s funding has been extended to ALL primary school pupils (Reception to Year 6) who attend a Tower Hamlets school and do not already qualify under the statutory free school meals scheme. The additional funding for this project – only one of a handful across England - has been provided by the Mayor in recognition of the importance of eating healthily in school. It is really important to ensure that if your child is entitled to a statutory free school meal that this is still claimed through the school, or the school will miss out on vital Government funding, which provides money for improving facilities and staffing. If you are in any doubt if you may be entitled please come and speak to the School Office.


All children eat a healthy meal in the dining hall that has been cooked on the premises. There are always vegetarian options and salads available, and all meat is halal. Packed lunches are permitted, but must be healthy and contain only one small treat. Water is the only drink permitted on site. Children can buy a school water bottle for £1.

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