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Physical Development

11th Feb- Sing and dance along with Sharon!

The video below has the lyrics. Can you learn the song?

Heart Song with lyrics


5th Feb - Stay Active with Robyn

Can you go for a walk?
How many trees do you see outside?
Do you see any dogs on your walk?
What can you smell outside and what does the sky look like? Breathe in and out slowly...

4th Feb - Sing the doo dah song with Sharon and Robyn

Find the lyrics to this song below with the actual video!

Vegetables Song- Find the lyrics here!

Bollywood dance! Can you move your arms?

28th Jan- Sing the vegetables song with us!

Can you sing and dance along with Paula, Sharon, Abi and Robyn?
Have fun and get your adult at home to join you!
The video below has the lyrics to the song, you can watch that too to learn the words.

Vegetable Song

KIDZ BOP - Dance Break

Dance along with the KIDZ BOP Kids! A fun way to move and stay active together with our fans, let's get up and get active to our KIDZ BOP Dance Along videos!...

PE With Joe Wicks!

19th Jan- Get moving with Paula and Roman

Kids Workout Dance - Despicable Me and Minion Dance Workout!

18th Jan Bucket time- Can you make a rainbow?

5-a-day Fitness: Chillout (Time-2-Chill)

Help your child relax by following this video. Breathe in and out...

5-a-day Fitness: Spooky

5-a-day Fitness: Pirate Sing-Along

Can you follow and join in?

I like to move it, move it!

Adults, can you join in too?

Let's Zumba!

Turn it up and get moving!

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