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Phonics Group B - Mohammed & Nicki

Phonics - Day 1 - 5/1/2021 - Sound 'Z'

Our first sound of the week. Can you learn the sound with Mohammed?
Please take a picture of your work and upload it to the EY Log.

Phonics Day 5 - 11/12/20 - Sound w

Our last sound of the week is w. Well done Reception for watching all the videos.

Phonics Day 4 - 10/12/20 - Sound y

Another sound to learn with Mohammed. Well done Reception for watching a video every day. Don't forget to recap the previous videos. We are so proud of you!

Phonics Day 3 - 09/12/20 - Sound v

Another Phonics video focussing on the sound v, we hope you enjoy learning!

Phonics Day 2 - 08/12/20 - Sound j

We hope you enjoy our second Phonics video by Nicki for Group B & C.

Phonics Day 1 - 07/12/20 - Sound r

We hope you enjoy our first phonics lesson online!

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