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Our Progressive Curriculum

Our Progressive Curriculum - Our Local Area

We are very proud of our curriculum of discovery that begins in the Early Years of the Infants' School and builds up progressively all the way to Year 6 before our children move to secondary schools. The curriculum is bespoke to our community and covers themes and issues that are relevant and interesting to the children who pass through our school. One example is the focus on our local area, the Isle of Dogs. We begin by learning about our local area in Reception and a local area walk. We continue our learning with a study of where we live (Living by the River) in Key Stage 1. In lower Key Stage 2 we then look further back to the history of the Docklands and the huge changes that our local area has seen. Then in Year 5 in our topic on Global Trade, we study the importance of the docks at Canary Wharf and West India Quay. Finally in Year 6 during our studies into World War Two, we focus on life in the East End during the blitz. Our children then leave for secondary school with a detailed knowledge of their local area and history!

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