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At Cubitt Town we want all of our children to be effective communicators, who are able to find their voice and are not afraid to use it.


In March 2022 our school will amalgamate with Cubitt Town Junior School to become Cubitt Town Primary School. In joining with the Junior School we are very excited to be part of their innovative oracy programme. You can click here to read more information about the fantastic oracy work in the Juniors and the Tower Hamlets Oracy Hub that they help to lead.


Spoken communication (oracy) skills are taught throughout our curriculum and our classrooms are talk-rich environments. Our oracy curriculum has been designed to be the starting point of the children's oracy journey throughout their primary school years, and the skills that the children acquire in the Infants is revisited, recapped and expanded in the oracy programme over Years 3 to 6. 


Communication and language, including speaking and listening, is one of the prime areas of learning in the Early Years. In both Nursery and Reception we have a strong focus on supporting the children to use their words to express their ideas, feelings and emotions. Teachers identify those pupils who find this more difficult, and we boost their skills and confidence through a range of speaking and listening interventions, including the government early language intervention programme.


In Years 1 and 2 all children are expected to talk in all lessons and teachers provide resources and scaffolds to help them do this. We learn through talking in all subjects and become better at reading, writing, maths and all other subjects because we regularly discuss our learning. The children talk in pairs, trios and small groups throughout the day. We will support the children through weekly oracy lessons to teach the children our 'talking tools' - our discussion guidelines, sentence stems, and the talking roles - instigator, clarifier, prober, challenger, builder and summariser.

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