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Hello, good morning!

12th Feb- Happy Friday, wishing you all a lovely break!

11th Feb- Morning Briefing

10th Feb- Morning briefing

Tuesday, 9th February - Morning Briefing

8th Feb- Morning Briefing

5th Feb- What are we learning today?

Don't forget our virtual meeting this afternoon!
We can't wait to see you.

4th Feb - What are we learning today?

I hope you are all well and happy little ones!

3rd Feb - What are we learning today?

Get ready cook with your carrots this afternoon!

2nd Feb - What are we learning today?

What are we learning today? 1st Feb

Please follow White Rose Maths:
Session 1 today.

29th Jan- Happy Friday!

28th Jan- Morning Briefing

27th Jan- Morning Briefing

I hope you all have a lovely day!

26th Jan- Morning Briefing

25th Jan- Morning Briefing

Please note, I mention the afternoon topic 'follow the recipe' to be working with pasta.
My mistake, you will need fruit and skewers for this activity.
Also Parent Meeting will be taking place this week via phone calls.

22nd Jan- Daily Briefing

Don't for Google Meets meeting with your class this afternoon.
Also, please miss the video from Robyn as she was unwell.

21st Jan- Daily Briefing

20th Jan- Daily briefing

19th Jan- Happy Tuesday!

18th Jan - Good morning!

15th Jan - Hurray It's Friday!

What fun things are we learning today?

14th Jan - Good morning everyone!

Seema tells you what you will be learning today...

13th Jan - Good morning children!

What are you going to learn today?

12th Jan- What will you be doing today? Let's find out...

Seema tells you what you will be learning about today.

Reception - 11th Jan - Good morning Children

Seema tells you what you will be doing today...

Friday 8th Jan- Good morning!

Welcome Video - 7th Jan Seema

Welcome Video by Seema - Wednesday 6th Jan

Can you sing along with Seema?
Here is a brief update about the fun things you will be doing at home today.

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