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Hello, good morning!

22nd Jan- Daily Briefing

Don't for Google Meets meeting with your class this afternoon.
Also, please miss the video from Robyn as she was unwell.

21st Jan- Daily Briefing

20th Jan- Daily briefing

19th Jan- Happy Tuesday!

18th Jan - Good morning!

15th Jan - Hurray It's Friday!

What fun things are we learning today?

14th Jan - Good morning everyone!

Seema tells you what you will be learning today...

13th Jan - Good morning children!

What are you going to learn today?

12th Jan- What will you be doing today? Let's find out...

Seema tells you what you will be learning about today.

Reception - 11th Jan - Good morning Children

Seema tells you what you will be doing today...

Friday 8th Jan- Good morning!

Welcome Video - 7th Jan Seema

Welcome Video by Seema - Wednesday 6th Jan

Can you sing along with Seema?
Here is a brief update about the fun things you will be doing at home today.

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