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Early Years Foundation Stage - Reception

In the EYFS every day is carefully planned so that there is a balance of time for uninterrupted child-initiated play and adult led activities. This balance will change as children move through the EYFS and progress in their learning.

During extended child-initiated play, adults observe, assess, plan how (or if) to respond in order to build on each child’s learning. Children are also directly taught as a class, group or individually (e.g. phonics, reading, number) and opportunities are planned for them to apply this learning in a range of contexts.

We work hard to ensure that both the indoor and outdoor learning environments are of high quality so that children can be involved in a broad range of purposeful play. Our intention is to create an enabling environment where all the children are happy and safe and encouraged to be creative, take risks and challenge themselves, supported by caring and knowledgeable adults.

Cubitt Town Infants' School offers a rich national curriculum. We want pupils to enjoy their learning and achieve the best they can by developing enquiring minds and personal qualities they need to be good citizens. 


The learning offered is individualised as appropriate, pupils who are more able or have Special Educational Needs receive additional support to achieve their potential. The curriculum is enriched with visits and trips that are an integral part of the curriculum in which all children are expected to take part. 


Parents are welcome to meet their child's class teacher to find out more about the curriculum and obtain verbal reports on the progress that their child is making at school. The school organises formal meetings for this to happen termly and parents receive a written report every year. 


The school offers a wide range of clubs as extra curricular activities outside school hours in order to enhance their learning. For more information about clubs please click here


The school provides homework to reinforce what the children are learning at school.  

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