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Early Years Foundation Stage - Nursery

In the EYFS every day is carefully planned so that there is a balance of time for uninterrupted child-initiated play and adult led activities. This balance will change as children move through the EYFS and progress in their learning.

During extended child-initiated play, adults observe, assess, plan how (or if) to respond in order to build on each child’s learning. Children are also directly taught as a class, group or individually (e.g. phonics, reading, number) and opportunities are planned for them to apply this learning in a range of contexts.

We work hard to ensure that both the indoor and outdoor learning environments are of high quality so that children can be involved in a broad range of purposeful play. Our intention is to create an enabling environment where all the children are happy and safe and encouraged to be creative, take risks and challenge themselves, supported by caring and knowledgeable adults.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum

Children in the Nursery follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. The Early Years Foundation Stage is about developing key learning skills such as listening, speaking, concentration and persistence, learning to work together and co-operating with other children.

It is also about developing the early communication, literacy and numeracy skills that will prepare young children for Key Stage One of the National Curriculum.


The EYFS curriculum is divided into three Prime areas of learning:


• Personal, Social and Emotional Development


• Communication and Language


• Physical Development


From these three Prime areas the following four specific areas of learning are also developed:


• Literacy


• Mathematics


• Understanding the World


• Expressive Arts and Design




Autumn Term

In the Autumn Term we focus specifically on the three Prime areas of learning:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This is about building relationships, encouraging independence and developing children’s confidence. Emphasis is placed on accepting the needs of others and showing care and concern. Children are taught to share equipment and take turns during play.


Communication and Language

This involves speaking and listening and developing children’s language. Talk is planned for in all areas of the Nursery, giving children the opportunity to become more confident in their use of language.


Physical Development

This involves encouraging children to move freely with pleasure, confidence and imagination. Through physical activities, children improve their control of large movements with their bodies and the small movements required to manipulate small objects and hold tools correctly.

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