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20/21 - RB - Nicki

Learning In School

At the beginning of this week, the children in school were so excited to share their experiences with snow! It snowed quite a bit in London over the weekend and they were sharing stories about how they loved watching it fall and building a snowman. To continue with their excitement, they made fake snow in class to feel and explore, cut out snowflakes to decorate the class and painted snowmen! 


We talked a lot about what snow looked like and felt using our 5 senses which was great when we did Nicki's activity where we explored different foods with our 5 senses! We used a lot of fantastic describing words like 'sour', 'bumpy', 'hard', and 'squishy'. This activity prepared us well when we used our senses to explore hard and soft pasta the next day!


Learning at home

We started off the term with the topic "Are Carrots Orange?" and the children have really enjoyed it so far. We have encouraged them to think about food they like, food they dislike and their experiences with food. They have learnt about food through:


1. Reading stories like Oliver's Vegetables, Handa's Surprise and Pass The Jam.

2. Recreating dishes modelled by our teachers and teaching assistants like Bangladeshi food, fruit crunchies and funny face sandwiches.

3. Learning about different international cuisines like Indian cuisine or Vietnamese cuisine.

4. Writing about our favourite foods or foods from stories and creating food labels.

5. In phonics we have also been practising our phonic sounds, blending and segmenting.

6. In maths we have introduced the concept of zero and explored numbers to 5. We have also been practising our counting and recording our work.


We are so impressed with your home learning...

We had a special visitor today...

Maths Day 1

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Finding different ways of making 4 and 5

Wide-awake Hedgehog by Rosie Wellesley

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Cake-O-Saurus by Nicki’s Class

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As it's National Poetry Day (1 October), we learnt the poem Cake-O-Saurus by Celia Warren. Inspired, the children thought of their own dinosaur names such as Choc-O-Saurus, Rainbow-Saurus and Glitter-Saurus

Then we imagined what our dinosaurs might be made of and made pictures and models of our own dinosaur cakes...

Welcome! Here's a smile from everyone in Nicki's class...


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We've had 7 8 5 6 7 visitors