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19/20 2C - Sandy

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Your messages...

Update on Adam's sunflower growing project....  

Way to go Adam!!!! I think you are onto a winner here Adam!wink

Your messages....

A lovely email from Archie today (14th May).

Archie has been enjoying a local walk with his family and stopped for a quick photo opportunity outside school!  He also went to see the special painted stones that someone has put along the river... I agree with Archie - what a lovely idea!

Archie's mum also picked up the new activity pack from school and he has already started work on some of the activities... Well done Archie.   

Your messages....

A great email from Adam today (12th May).

Adam has been getting creative.... in the garden!  He is having a sunflower growing competition with his brothers.... and by the sounds of things he is already feeling confident. 

Good luck Adam - keep us posted with your progress!


Your messages....

And another email from Adam (8th May).

Adam has been helping his mum by washing the dishes.... what a SUPER STAR!!!!

He has also been practicing his times tables on Purple Mash.... I think he is looking forward to having a little competition with Ify when he gets back to school!!!

Your messages....

Another email from Akshath today (8th May)  - he wanted to share some of the work he has done from part of the home pack .  Nice work Akshath... glad you have enjoyed some mindful colouring.

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Finally .... one of the girls has been in touch.... HI MUNA!!!

Muna emailed lots of lovely pictures today... no message but she is clearly very busy!

I am just so relived to hear from one of the girls.... maybe Muna will inspire more girls to update us on what they are getting up to!!!

Your messages....

And another update from Adam today (27.5).  Two emails from 2c in one day.... brilliant!!!

Adam wanted to show me a picture of a tiger he drew....   amazing!!

It's so lovely to see you safe and smiling Adam.

Your messages....

I lovely email from Archie today (27.5).

Archie is keeping busy feeding his whole family with pizza!!!

He told me he has also been doing handwriting and his mum picked up the home pack last week so that is keeping him busy as well.  He misses his friends but by the sounds of it he is managing to keep in touch with quite a few with the help of FaceTime .   

I wonder if he has been in contact with any of the girls?   I still haven't heard from any of the girls...????


Your messages....

Another email from Akshath today... looks like he has been getting creative again!

I hope you picked up your pack from school Akshath.... there is a brand new set of lovely felt tips in there that I'm sure you will enjoy!

Your messages....

An email from Zubair today - He says 'Happy Easter' to everyone.

Your messages....

Another update from Akshath today!

Akshath has been helping his mum with a spot of cooking.  It looks mighty fine Akshath... I think you are going to make everyone feel hungry when they see the feast you prepared!  Well done for helping your mum... I hope the rest of the troops are helping out around the home too!

Your messages....

A lovely update from Youssef who is still smiling!  Good to see you are keeping yourself busy!

Your messages....

Today I got an email from Akshath!  Akshath kindly sent some photos of what he has been upto.  Thanks Akshath!

Now we seem to be getting lots of updates of what the boys are getting upto but....

I wonder what all the girls are doing?

Maybe I will hear from the girls today .... fingers crossed!


Your messages....

Today (Wednesday 8th April) I got another lovely surprise when I opened my emails.... News from Adam!!!!  Thankfully he is feeling much better now and he has been busy making cakes.... Green cupcakes.... they look delicious!   

I wonder if anyone else has been getting creative in the kitchen?

Don't forget to e mail your pics to me ! and I can share them on our class page.

Another e-mail from Archie today! (Wednesday 8th April)

He seems to have really caught the illustrating bug...

Check out his brilliant Fred Bear....


Your messages....

Today (Tuesday 7th of April) I got an email from Archie!!! Thank you Archie - it was great to hear from you.  And ... he even sent me a picture of his Gregosaurs!  

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Celebrating World Book Day

... in combination with a Cooking Lesson at Pizza Express! (What busy bears we are!)

We have been learning to identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats, including micro-habitats. (2.3.20)

We learnt lots of cool facts...

For example did you know that woodlice can have upto 7 pairs of lungs???!!!


Challenge Day at Bird & Bird (part our Skills Builder Partnership scheme of work)


Last week we headed back to the city to take part in a special challenge day, hosted by the prestigious law firm Bird and Bird.

The day focussed on three of the eight essential skills that the Skills Builder Partnership is used upon. These were 'teamwork' , 'listening' and 'creativity'.  

Here is an extract from the press release following the day. - 


'From the moment they arrived, students were putting their essential skills into action. First of all by gathering as much information as they could about their hosts and the volunteers who were joining them for the day, and then further as they explored the workplace through a tour. Then, in teams, the students were set their Creativity challenge: to design a new workspace for employees at their host organisation. They researched existing workspaces, before generating ideas for a new space. They considered areas to work alone, meet with others, relax and eat. Learners worked in teams to draw a plan of their new space, with labels to show off the exciting features. The day ended with a chance to share their achievements with a panel of volunteers. They reflected on how they had applied Creativity throughout the challenge and looked ahead to how they could apply this skill again in the future.'

Working Scientifically... Observing overtime

Today we took a walk around the farm to identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats.

Dear Aunt Lucy...

After our busy day out in London we 'put on our Paddington hats' and, in the role of his character, we wrote to dearest Aunty Lucy to tell her all about London.  

Here are a few extracts from our letters... 

(and some character drawings!) 

Paddington on Tour 2020

As part of our topic about London today we took Paddington on a sightseeing tour to see some of London's most famous landmarks.  We have also been learning about the Queen's guards.  Did you know that the different guards have slightly different uniforms.  They have different coloured plumes in their hats and, if you look very closely, the buttons on their military uniforms are arranged in different patterns!  Today we saw the Grenadier Guards and the Irish Guards leaving Wellington Barracks to go to Buckingham Palace where they will be guarding the Queen. 

Celebrating the Chinese New Year

After watching the perfomance we headed off to take part in whole day of exciting workshops.  We started with the ribbon dancing, followed by a Chinese Language class.  Finally after lunch we were all put through our paces with a Tai Chi master!

Kicking off the new decade with our ‘Healthy Me’ topic!

We have been learning the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. Instilling the love of cooking opens a door to one of the great expressions of human creativity.

Learning how to cook is a crucial life skill that will enable children to feed themselves and others affordably and well, now and in later life.

So with that in mind we whipped up some super healthy pasta salads.   Our salads incorporated all the food groups that we have been learning about that are essential for good health.

And the verdict….?

Definitely a thumbs up x30…   Some of us even came back for seconds and thirds!!!!

Christmas shenanigans!

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

As clear winners of the attendance awards (with 7 teddies) Sandy's class were in for a special treat.   The choice of treat was chosen by the children who elected to go out to lunch at Nando's !!!!

Good choice troops.... and judging by the photos a good time was had by all.

And.... just a little note.... the staff at Nando's said the children were absolutely charming.  They said they had such wonderful manners and were a pleasure to host... in fact the BEST school group they have ever had.   Of course!   Well done 2C..... Now let's aim for the Spring Term attendance treat... where shall we go next?!!!

Places of Worship... A visit to St. Pauls Cathedral

As part of our RE unit of work on 'Special Places' we went to explore a very special cathedral.  Emily, our guide, explained that St. Paul's was built for the people who lived in London, no matter what faith or beliefs you have.  So, armed with this new knowledge, that this building technically was 'ours' we went to explore.... All the way to the very top .... our reward for the climb were some spectacular views over our beautiful city!  

Well done to all our 'cathedral climbers'.... you were definitely 'more bear'!!!!

Take a closer look at our stunning silk paintings!

The Story of Diwali...

(read by a very special guest!)

Today Seema came to our class to read us the story of Rama and Sita.  Seema was our teacher in reception so we were very excited.  Seema was so impressed that we had remembered the story characters from when we were in her class two years ago.   

Thank you Seema... please come back a visit us again soon.

Mouse Day for Merlo!

Friday is feeding day for our pet snake Merlo and after shedding an impressive 92cm skin earlier in the week he was definitely ready for his dinner today!

Forward planning for spring!

This week we planted a variety of bulbs in our class planter.  Now we will have to wait until the spring to see our 'floral display!'.

Leafy investigations

Observing closely using simple equipment.  

Paleontologists at work!

Digging for 'fossilised dinosaur bones' ! We worked together in teams to use our problem solving skills today.   What do you think we discovered?   You will have to wait and see!....

A day in the country..

Countryside Live... exploring traditional crafts and meeting some very talented animals... from a team of sheepdogs to one of the biggest birds of prey in the world... the magnificent American Bald Eagle!

Fire Safety Workshop.

Today we had a special lesson from the London Fire Brigade about what to do in case of a fire.

The fireman asked us if we knew our home address ..... this is important because if we ever need the help of the emergency services we must be able to give them our address.  

Only one child in the whole class knew their home address!!!


It might just save their life one day!

Welcome to Mudchute Farm!

All our 'Nature Rangers' have now had their induction lesson at the farm.  We enjoyed meeting some of the animals we will be working with this year...  We also managed to harvest some of produce that was planted by last year's children... thank you!

Our travelling sloths...

Today our weekend friends Sid and Rock went off for their first adventure with Waseem and Jana.  We can't wait to read about what they all got up to when they return on Monday!

Welcome to our Kandinsky Gallery...


Kandinsky inspired art.

We learnt about about a famous artist called Kandinsky.  He used to listen to music whilst he painted. Kandinsky painted feelings rather than what he saw.  We looked at some of the art he produced and had a go ourselves....   We used oil pastels and ink.

Watch out for our finished works of art...  (coming soon!)