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19/20 2B - Martina & Nilima

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World Book Day

We dressed up as our favourite book characters. It was a lot of fun. 

Exploring London with Paddington 

We took our class bear Paddington on a trip around London landmarks. First we watched the changing of the guard ceremony. We also saw Buckingham Palace and strolled through St. James’s Park looking at different birds. Then we went to see the horse guards and took photos with them. After that we walked past 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament. We were all getting tired but still kept on going over the Westminster Bridge. We had a good look at other London landmarks, such as the London Eye or the Shard and we could see St. Paul’s Cathedral in the distance. What a glorious trip that was!

Cookery class at Pizza Express

We went to Pizza Express to learn how pizza is made. We found out about the ingredients first and then it was our turn to make one. 
This is what you need to do:
1. Stretch the dough carefully so it does not tear. 
2. Spread a spoonful of tomato sauce. 
3. Sprinkle some mozzarella on top. 

4. Ask an adult to bake the pizza in the oven until it’s nice and hot and the base is golden brown. 
5. Cut and enjoy!

Yum yum yum!

Celebrating Chinese New Year

We were learning about Chinese New Year. We enjoyed a special assembly with lion dancers, ribbon dancers and Kung fu masters. After that we took part in 3 exciting workshops and even learnt some Chinese language! 

Our Trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral 

We went to St. Paul’s Cathedral to consolidate our learning about sacred places. The children took part in a guided tour and saw Christian artefacts around this magnificent building. The guide was impressed with their knowledge and understanding. 

Dinosaur Exhibition

Our dinosaur exhibition was a great success. The children proudly showed their work in writing, art, history, science and D&T.

A massive thanks to all our wonderful parents for coming to see it!

Dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum

To support our learning about dinosaurs we went on a trip to the Natural History Museum. It was amazing to see all the fossils and learn some interesting facts about them. We also saw Mary Anning’s marvellous dinosaur discoveries. What an inspirational lady she was!

Our investigation

Our little scientists were investigating if all apples have the same number of seeds. We made our predictions and supported them with reasons. They all sounded very reasonable! Then each group cut 4 apples and carefully recorded the findings in a tally chart. The results were clear: Different apples have a different number of seeds. We also found out that bigger apples don’t necessarily have more seeds. 

We have all enjoyed being a scientist!

Little Palaeontologists Looking for Dinosaur Bones

The children enjoyed digging for dinosaur bones buried in sand. After carefully cleaning all the pieces, they had to look for clues and decide which dinosaur they had found. There were plenty of dinosaur books to check their prediction. Then there was the difficult task of putting the bones together! In the end they all managed and now we have 5 different dinosaur skeletons in our classroom:

Tyrannosaurus Rex





Countryside Learning


On Thursday Nilima and Martina's class went to the Countryside Live to learn about the countryside and to take part in a range of exciting workshops.

These are some of the things we have done:

 - We went on a mini-beast hunt and identified different insects. We have used insect nets to sweep long grass and then studied the insects under the magnifying glass. We identified them using pictures and here are some of the mini-beasts we have found: spiders, flies, grasshoppers and even a tiny snail.

 - We tried willow weaving and made a fish.

 - We learnt about dragonflies and then made our own models.

 - We took part in a water safety workshop and now we know how to be safe around our rivers, lakes and canals! We also got to play with water and cranes.

 - As a special treat at the end of the day we took a ride on the horse carriage pulled by two huge shire horses.


What an exciting day it was!

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