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19/20 1C - Hamida

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Learning about Kandinsky

We started Year 1 by learning about the art of Wassily Kandinsky. He created some very famous abstract art using bright colours, and many different lines and shapes.

Have a look at the display of the art we made in the style of Kandinsky.




Our First Topic of Year 1



The Superpowers of Spiderman, Hulk and  Superman


We have been learning about the superpowers of three

different superheroes.

A superpower is a special power that normal people don’t have.

It helps superheroes rescue people from danger.

Have a look at our work about these superheroes’



We are Superheroes!

Have a look at us dressed as superheroes. These pictures will be going on the front of our Superheroes' Topic Books!

Anna's Class Welcome Jigsaw Jack

Jigsaw Jack will be joining us in our class this year to help us learn about our world in PSHE.

This half term we have been learning about 'Me and My World'. We have been thinking about how we can make our school and classroom a safe and happy place to learn.


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