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19/20 1A - Rujina

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As part of our Water Topic we explored: Floating and sinking!

In Art we have been exploring the primary colours as well as learning the names of these colours...

In Science we have been exploring the flexibility of materials! Here is what we found out....

Finally.. we were able to make a big splash!

Science - materials and their properties

We welcome you to our new topic this term... Water!

In Maths this term we have been comparing numbers

In PSHE we have been discussing challenges and obstacle. We spoke about some of the challenges we face in school and how we can overcome these obstacles.

We have been subtracting using numberlines in Maths

Celebrating Chinese New Year

In Science our focus this term has been Everyday Materials 

We have been sorting materials and grouping them. We have also been going on a material hunt around our school and labelling the different materials we saw. 

In Maths we have been learning how to partition using the 'Part Part Whole model'.


We used cubes to partition numbers before moving on to the pictorial method of drawing dots.  

This term our topic is Snow and Ice

Farm day 3- creating Tudor houses from scratch! Enriching our team building and creative skills at the farm!

We've learnt that in order to create a fire we need to collect some fuel resources. These were dry straw, paper, sticks and branches off carefully selected trees to help ignite the fire. 

Week 2 at the Farm - Collecting Kindle and fuel resources to create our fire parcels

At the Farm we designed our own Fire triangles...

In Science we have been looking at our five sense. This week we looked at the sense of taste and smell. We had lots of fun making predictions and tasting and describing the sensations. 

We have been learning about our senses..

We have been learning how to subtract .. using cubes and dots

Y1 learning about The Great Fire of London ...

In celebration of Diwali we have been learning how to create Rangoli patterns...

In Maths we have been learning about addition..

We have used cubes, counters and numberlines to solve addition number sentences...

We have been designing and creating our very own superheroes...

We've had 7 8 5 7 2 visitors