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18/19 RB - Nicki

We found interesting natural objects to put on our talking sticks...

We had to look carefully.
We chose what to put on our sticks.
We described what we had found to our friends.
"look!  I made a V vulture"
These are some of the interesting things we found.
We are entering a competition for the best planter
We worked together to put them in the compost.
We were proud of our planters!

Learning at the farm...

We learnt about the different animals on the farm.
Look! We made a comb like a chicken.
We learnt how to feed the goats.
We had to hold our hands flat.
We learnt about baby animals too!
Some get milk from their mums.
Sometimes baby animals have to be fed their milk.
A ram has big horns.
Pigs are very clean animals!
We moved like a duck!

Making owls with our mums and dads...

An owl came to singing...

Dragon dancing for Chinese New Year...

We made vegetable chow mein...


We made Halwa for Diwali...

We looked at fruit faces by the artist Arcimboldo for our inspiration!

Thank you for all your kind donations for the food bank.

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