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Our newly qualified Level 1 sailing mums next steps !


Parents Natalie, Misbah and Lili obtained their Level 1 Royal Yachting Qualification in May, they are now encouraging other mums to learn how to sail. They helped provide two taster sailing days in May and July. One of the other sailing instructors  at the taster day was ex student Leila Moore who has won many competitions sailing helped the mums too.  ​


Tower Hamlets Youth Sports Foundation (THYSF) have agreed to fund more sailing lessons for new  parents from our school  and Marion Richardson .  Natalie, Misbah and Lili will be helping the Instructors teach the new mums  how to sail in September. We are looking forward to meeting the new mums from the other schools and learning how to sail together.


A huge thank you to Megan and Tallulah THYSF, Merri, Ben, James and all the staff at  the Docklands Sailing Centre for all their support for making this project a great success.



If you would like to find out more about sailing please contact Jacqui Jenkins 

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