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13 January 2015


Parents Natalie Hood and Lili Nessa attended a training course to become school Healthy Family Ambassadors with Tower Hamlets Parental Engagement Healthy.  To learn how to deliver healthy eating workshops to parents and carers in our community house.  

Eight parents attended their first workshop which was a demonstration of how many sugars there are in popular drinks that many families buy.  

The parents cut and prepared fresh fruit to make healthy alternative drinks that they can make at home with their children and families.


 “I enjoyed the healthy drinking session. I have learned how to make a healthy drink for my kids without sugars"

“I really enjoyed the workshop, I would definitely come to another one. My favourite drink was the orange, lemon and lime one"

“I like the workshop, especially the homemade drinks (apple, lemon and orange). I would love to join further workshops"


Congratulations to Natalie and Lili for completing the training.  Thank you for volunteering your spare time to help make our school great. 

Would you like to come to our next workshop? Contact Jacqui Jenkins or our Healthy Family Parent Ambassadors Natalie or Lili. 

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