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19 January 2014


The Tower of London Imprints project encouraged families to work together; to learn, create and reflect. It was a partnership between Historic Royal Palaces and Stitches in Time, working with Cubitt Town Infant & Junior Schools in the February and Easter school holidays at the Tower of London. The Docklands Light Railway kindly provided free transport for the families and we were escorted by Charlene Marks Docklands Light Railway Community Ambassador who ensured we arrived safely at the Tower.


The recently re-presented Crown Jewels exhibition not only showcases the famous objects, but also the boxes which are used to transport them. It was these boxes, and the imprints that the jewels had made in them, that inspired the project.


Families worked together to create their own precious objects from clay, These included items such as a blue Eeyore, a hand and a rose, to name but a few under the guidance of potter, Jess Joslin. Then, with costumier Anna Cocciadiferro, they developed their textile skills to create boxes in which to house their precious things. The group also wrote about their precious objects in clay relief, later to be imprinted in plaster and finally rubber, to form part of the final piece.


Participants learnt about the significance of the Crown Jewels, not only as objects of monetary

value, but moreover of symbolic importance too. As well as deepening participants’ understanding of the Crown Jewels and their association with the Tower of London, the project gave families the chance to work with professional artists and to have fun learning and creating together.


We celebrated our project with another visit to the Tower of London to meet the Chief Yeoman Warder and to view our art work which will be displayed at the Tower of London for visitors to enjoy.


A huge thank you to Natalie Cain Historical Royal Palaces, Jess Joslin & Anna Cocciadiferro Stitches in Time and Charlene Docklands Light Railway Community Ambassador for giving our families a wonderful opportunity and helping us to make our schools great!

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